Bedbugs keeping you up at night?


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These small blood-sucking insects are becoming a serious issue in Ireland, whilst they don’t carry or transmit any diseases most of us would prefer they stay out of our homes and businesses. They travel very well often hitching a lift on your suitcase or clothes and entering our homes and businesses unknown to us.

When travelling check your bed linen and mattresses for live bugs, also dark blood spots, hang clothes in wardrobes and never leave suitcases on the beds. Most people only realize they have a bedbug issue when they wake up with small itchy bite marks, Bedbugs are masters at hiding, often in cracks and crevices in the bedroom, they can travel from room to room through the smallest of holes and electrical sockets, and can spread quickly and overrun a home, hostel, or hotel in no time.

So GPS follows the old bed time saying don’t let the bedbugs bite! We specialize in bedbug treatments with both heat and chemical techniques, also we can supply insect monitors discreetly in rooms so as to identify problems early avoiding spreading the issue throughout our home or business.

If you are worried you might have bedbugs, call GPS we will survey your premises for free, give you a diagnoses and offer you the best options for eradication, at the most cost efficient and affordable price.

Let Galway Pest Services (GPS) help you with any issues caused by mice in your home or business, we provide the most professional tailored solutions at the most affordable rates in Galway City and County.

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