Pest Control Services in Galway


For our residential and domestic customers our goal is to take the stress, and even fear away from our customers whenever pest issues may arise.

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An Exterminator indoors in Galway


Not only is having unwanted pests in your home inconvenient, it can also be very harmful to your home. Thankfully, here at Galway Pest Services, we offer time and cost effective pest control solutions , no matter your situation.

To do so, we will survey your home or rental property for free. Following this, a trained pest control technician will advise and educate you on the issues you may be having, how they got there, why it got there, and what we will do to eliminate the problem. We will also offer solutions going forward so that the issue dose not reappear in future years.

Some common household Pests we incur in Galway include rodents such as Rats & Mice, Flies, Ants, Moths, Fleas, Wasps & Wasp Nests, Bed bugs and Woodworm. Galway Pest Services have affordable solutions for you, Call our 24 hour phone line or email for immediate response.

Pest Control Services available to Residential Customers

  • Discreet 24 hour service, designed around your specific needs.
  • Mice and Rat control, both internally and externally.
  • Fly control
  • Ant & Wasp treatments, including wasp nest removal
  • Bedbug programme
  • Flea treatments
  • Woodworm elimination. This service includes attic clearance.
  • Follow up on all treatments until all issues have been totally resolved
  • Free home surveys, and consultations
  • Free advice on making your home pest free, we show you how you can prevent more pests going forward.
  • Best prices in Galway
  • Year round contracts or pay as you go treatments.

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