A fly in GalwayTrouble with flies?


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Environmental matters and lifestyle habits have a huge effect on fly activity in our homes and businesses here in Galway.

Summer season in particular can see huge numbers of various species of flies infiltrate our living and working areas and they can become quite a nuisance. Flies spread diseases and nasty bacteria most commonly salmonella and e.coli by infecting our food and drinks when they land and feed. The most common we find in Galway are the house fly, fruit fly, Drain flies and bluebottle fly.

We can protect ourselves by a few simple steps around the house or office,

  • Food should always be covered and put away, food surfaces and prep areas cleaned after every use.
  • All your bins should have lids, keep them tidy with no overflow and emptied regularly.
  • Check Drains around the home, making sure there are no blockages or standing water a major attractant to flies.
  • Commercial sites often use insect screens and Fly units also seasonal spray treatments all available from GPS.

If your home or office has problems with Flies call Galway Pest Services, we will survey the area affected for free, and offer cost effective solutions going forward.

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