Mice (Mus Domesticas)
We have many species of Mice in Galway City and County, the Common House mouse, and field mouse are the best known, both are nocturnal but can be seen in daylight hours if food is scarce. Mice vary in size but in general 7/10cm in length with the tail the same size, weight 12/30g. They are active all year round, very inquisitive Mice can live in our homes and businesses for up to 3 years.

Life Cycle and Diet
Female mice can have 5 to 10 litters per year, with average litter size 6/8…in turn the young reach sexual maturity at 6 weeks so the population can increase and get out of control very quickly. Mice are Omnivorous and primarily will feed on plant matter cereals and seeds, they utilizes moisture in foods so are not as dependent on water as Rats.

Mice are good climbers but are often ground living, they are very adaptable to homes and indoor buildings, the nest is always within 30ft of the home range, they tend to be found in attics basements, wall cavities and under clutter.

Signs of intrusion
frequent scratching noises known as gnawing, often on electrical and phone wires, or woods, damage can be huge and safety issues can arise, Mice produce 60/80 droppings per night, they are easily identified scattered around cupboards, under sinks, and hot presses. Mice frequently urinate and leave a strong ammonia like smell.

By denying Mice to a food source and shelter in and around our homes and businesses we can get on with life free from stress and the health and damage risks that are associated with intrusion. Tidy home and office less clutter less hiding places. Food stuff should always be stored away and covered, bins outside premises and covered. Mice have a soft skeleton so can squeeze through a hole the width of a pen, fill up all holes and entry points to your premises.

Once indoors mice can be hard to control, they contaminate foods with pathogens in there faeces and urine. they can cause fire risks from gnawing on electrical wires. Commercial businesses in particular can suffer reputation issues, staff morale issues and revenue loss.

If you are having issues with mice in Galway either at work or at home, reach out to us today!

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