Common household pests in Galway

Galway is famous the world over for its warm and welcoming atmosphere. Unfortunately, this means that we not only attract welcome visitors, but also unwelcome visitors. And, here at Galway Pest Services, we’ve dealt with them all over the years.

When we think of common household pests and intruders, most of us will typically visualize rodents, wasps, cockroaches, bedbugs and all other kinds of nightmare inducing creatures. What’s more, as recently as 2018 it was revealed that Galway was the second most wasp infested county in Ireland!

So, here at GPS, we thought we’d compile a shortlist of the most common pests found here in Galway.


  • Rodents: Rats & mice are among the more widespread pests here in the West of Ireland. Indeed, another recent survey discovered that as well as being the second most wasp infested county in Ireland, Galway was also found to be the second most rat infested county in Ireland! While this certainly keeps us on our toes here at Galway Pest Services, this is a leaderboard we would rather not find ourselves on for much longer.


  • Wasps, Flies & Ants: Especially noticeable during the summer months, we are often plagued by insects here in Galway. Among the most common are the aforementioned wasps, as well as other critters such as ants and woodlouse. Due the improved climate, wasps  tend to nest in gardens during the summer months. So, if you begin to notice an increased wasp presence, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. In much the same way as wasps, ants also thrive during the warmer months, whilst appearing almost invisible during the winter. Thankfully, Galway does not rank quite as highly on a nationwide scale when it comes to ant population and as well as this, ants do not usually carry disease which means they aren’t considered much of a threat. In addition to wasps and ants, we also encounter flies very frequently here in Galway. Unlike ants, flies do in fact carry disease. This makes them not only a nuisance, but a very unsanitary nuisance.


wasp on an empty glass



  • Bed Bugs: Another common pest here in Galway are bedbugs. And unfortunately, the saying “don’t let the bedbugs bite” is something that could be considered sound advice, especially as we approach the summer months. In order to combat this, we recommend looking for small, reddish stains around areas such as the frame of your bed or your mattress. We also recommend checking your wardrobe and skirting boards. So, if you think you may be in need of some bed bug removal services, give us a call today and we will take it from there.


  • Millipedes & Centipedes:  We usually encounter these creatures unexpectedly, having rudely disturbed them by moving a storage box or board game, only to get the fright of our lives as they scurry past. However, there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to getting rid of millipedes or centipedes. We recommend sealing gaps and attempting to remove as many potential food sources as possible. These food sources include decaying wood or leaves, so be sure to keep your house free from these!


If you feel like your home could do with a professional inspection, feel free to reach out to our team here and we will respond immediately.

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