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Times have been tough for everyone over the past year, with many of us having our lives interrupted hugely by Covid-19. Here at Galway Pest Services, we understand the implications the Coronavirus pandemic has had on business pest control in Galway. Thankfully, we’re considered an essential service so we’re still here for you 24/7, providing unrivaled business pest control services at an affordable price.

In the meantime, here are some quick tips to help you stay one step ahead of any unwanted pests (not customers) your business is facing.



Rats & Mice  

How do I protect my business premises from rats and mice? It’s an age-old question and the last thing any of us want is to find ourselves Googling ‘exterminator near me’.

According to the Irish Times, rats and mice have become more common in Ireland since the onset of the pandemic. Thankfully, we offer a tried and tested program, designed to protect your business from unwelcome guests. With the closing and reopening of so many workplaces, this issue has only grown in importance in recent times. For more information, get in touch with our team and we can work together to help get your business rodent ready.

In the meantime, be sure to secure all sources of food and water on your premises, keep your kitchen clean, and most importantly, ensure all doors are closed at night.


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Take the bins out!

Insects such as cockroaches are a nightmare to deal with, especially for business owners. This problem is especially common when your business has been closed for a while, allowing insects to make themselves at home. In order to tackle this, we offer extensive insect treatments to help guard your business. To find out more, contact us here.

To try and lower your business’s risk, make sure your bins have lids that can be closed and secured fully. This will lower your chances of attracting any unwanted guests.


Free Surveys & Consultations for your business

How can we help your business control any pest problems? Well, you may even have an issue you weren’t aware of!

Fortunately, we offer a comprehensive commercial consultation service for your business, available to you free of charge. And, as a local company, we are never more than an hour away. There is nothing like the peace of mind a pest-free business brings. So if you feel your business could do with a professional survey, contact us today.


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