How do I protect my home from rats and mice?

It’s a question as old as the Spanish Arch!


Here at Galway Pest Services, we are experts when it comes to pest control, and we’re always on a mission to keep Galway pest-free. No matter what your issue is, large or small, we guarantee to help solve it quickly and effectively. Whats more, nobody wants to deal with the stress of dealing with rats and mice in their home or place of work. So, to help you along, our team here at GPS have put together a few of our tops tips to help you protect your house from rats and mice. 


How do rats and mice get in?

In much the same way as insects, rats and mice come into our homes to seek shelter from the colder weather, as well as to find food and water. As the first port of call, make sure you leave no crumbs or food traces lying around, especially on the floor. Due to their size, rats and mice can squeeze in through the most impossible of gaps, wreaking havoc once they get in. To avoid this, make sure to seal or block every point of entry, no matter how small. Some ideal, readily available materials for this task include hardware cloth, cement, plaster, and steel wool. 


‘Don’t feed the vermin!’

Rats and mice are very resourceful creatures, always on the lookout for a snack at your expense. Make sure to cover waste bins, and properly dispose of food scraps. Also, if you have fruit or vegetables growing in your garden, be sure to remove them once they are ripe or fall to the ground. Rats and mice love to snack on whatever may be lying around your garden. Also, if you are a pet owner, avoid leaving leftover pet food outside. This is another craving rats and mice cannot control.


Rats in my house







Spring Cleaning?

As we leave Autumn and Winter behind, it may be time for a touch of spring cleaning. Mice and rats love living in our excellent gardens and trees we have here in the west of Ireland. Fallen branches and leaves provide perfect homes for rats and mice. This gives them shelter, especially during the colder months. With the sun finally coming back around, there is no excuse to not get out in the Galway sun and clean away any debris. 


Rats and mice in galway garden






Should I set traps?

The first thing many of us think of when we think of rats and mice is setting traps. However, before doing this, you first need to confirm that rats or mice are in your home. Here is a quick guide to helping you figure out if this is the case. In the meantime, if you notice droppings, gnawing, or bite marks on skirting boards or traces of a nest, then you should consider setting traps. At GPS, we offer a wide range of rodent prevention services, designed to quickly rid your home of unwanted pests. To learn more about the services available to you, click here


Call the professionals. 

If you are living with unwanted guests (children aside), then the time has come to call us here at Galway Pest Services. As a local Galway business, we are available 24/7 to help you ensure you and your loved ones live pest-free, at the lowest possible cost. 


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